whitecurrant whitecurrant berry
GROSELLA __ Ribes glandulosum

Order: Saxifragales

Family: Grossularia

Genus: Ribes

Origen: W. Europe

Vitamins: B1, C

Minerals: Ca, Fe, Cu, Mn

The whitecurrant is a cultivar of redcurrant. Is a decidious bush of 1 to 1,5 meters height, lobed leaves and green-yellowish flowers groupped in racemes

The fruits are true berries of a whitish translucent color, around 10 mm of diameter, groupped in racemes of 3 to 10 berries.
Rich in vitamins B1 y C, and in iron, copper, manganese and calcium.
Water 90%.

Of sweeter taste than the redcurrant, is more often eaten freshly raw, than in prepared dishes (in contrast to redcurrant), used in preserves (marmalades, jams) y drinks. Significant ingredient of Lorraine jelly, french marmalade (alternatively prepared with redcurrants), originally used as a complement for game meat.

Is an albino variety of redcurrant. [See]